Things That Differ by C.R. Stam

Things That Differ by C.R. Stam

Things That Differ by C.R. Stam is a great book on Dispensationalism. In it, Stam explains the basics of Dispensationalism like the differences between prophecy revealed to the prophets in times past and the mystery as revealed to the apostle Paul.

If you have been troubled by the seeming contradictions that occur between Paul’s epistles and the rest of the Bible, this book might be for you. There are plenty of these apparent contradictions but they are not contradictions at all – they are simply “Things That Differ”.

Trigger Warning: If you are easily offended by other people’s opinions regarding in which chapter of Acts the dispensation of Grace began, this book may not be for you. I have and will continue to upload books by authors who take different stances on this topic. While none of them necessarily represent my viewpoint, I have learned a lot from each of them.

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