I have a Facebook page for my business. Do I really need a website too?

You definitely do for many reasons.

1. Your competitors have Facebook pages and websites. If you only have a Facebook, your competitors are getting twice as much online exposure as you are.

2. Facebook is free and everyone knows it. While it is very important to have a Facebook page for your business, it is just as important to understand that in the minds of most people, price implies quality. In other words, many people will see that you are substituting your free Facebook page for a proper, professional website and in their minds, that will imply that your business may be low quality or that it provides low quality products or services. They will think,

They may be absolutely wrong about it and they may be making unfair assumptions but that’s what they will assume. This is why Apple keeps breaking records for profit. People are willing to spend more on an Apple device because they imagine that because extra money was spent, extra quality was acquired.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Here’s what Erika Andersen from Forbes has to say on the matter,

“This company had a choice to have a nice, professional website built for them but they made their decision based on price instead of quality and opted for a free Facebook page instead. They probably make decisions for their products/services based on price instead of quality too.”

“I know that when I’m looking for a local business to deal with – from a handyman to a florist, a restaurant to a seamstress –  the first place I look is online. And if I find that the store or restaurant or service provider doesn’t have a website – or has one that clearly hasn’t been updated since 2003, or doesn’t provide an email address or phone number on the home page – I discount it immediately. I assume (rightly or wrongly) that the enterprise is unprofessional and low quality.

3. There are no bad reviews on your website. Only good testimonials that you choose to publish. If you have a Facebook, you can get bad reviews and/or bad comments on your page and they cannot and will not be removed no matter what you say to Facebook. I worked with a pediatric office that had a patient who was angry because the phone lines were busy. This patient got on their Facebook page and posted a negative review containing swear words and he had his wife do the same thing… on a pediatric page! Although vulgar language is against Facebook policy, and after reporting the post nearly a dozen times, Facebook still refused to even acknowledge this office’s existence.

Unfortunately, an angry patient is way more likely to leave a bad review than a happy patient is to leave a positive one. Your website will only ever have positive reviews on it. Your Facebook is quite likely to get a bad one every once in a while even if you are the world’s best in your industry. Some people just can’t be pleased.

4. Properly built websites rank fantastically in relevant search results. When optimizing your business for search engine visibility, it isn’t enough to just have one ranking. You need many. Your website, if it’s built and optimized properly, will almost always tend to be your best ranking result. You can’t afford to miss out on this. You can see Reason #6 in my article “Why Your Business NEEDS A Website” to understand just how important it is to rank high in search engines and to rank often.

“Find a Web hosting company and have your Web site designed and set up. If you want people to take you seriously, you need a professional web presence. Unless you’re a designer, don’t design your own site. Hire someone or use a service.” (Source: http://www.pasbdc.org/resources/start-up/business-checklist)

And here’s what the state of Pennsylvania says,

You’ve done great by setting up a Facebook page for your business. This is very important. However, this is no replacement for a professional web site. It is important and urgent that you have a professionally built website for your business. For a free estimate on a web site for your business, contact me, Aaron Locker, immediately at (814) 505-8938 or email aaron@lockerenterprises.com

I already have WiFi for my staff to use. Can I just use the same WiFi for my customers?

No. This is a huge security risk.

You always want your business’ wireless network to be protected by a strong password and you never want to give that password out to anyone except for your IT staff. No one else, even your non-IT staff should know that password.

If your customers can get on your business’ wireless network, they can access the devices and information on your network potentially even deleting your data or uploading a virus.

Free WiFi is a great service to provide to your customers and can actually attract customers you wouldn’t normally have attracted otherwise. If you are thinking about offering free WiFi at your business, it is important that you have a professional set it up to eliminate the security risks that come from the Do It Yourself solutions.

If you would like to offer free guest WiFi at your business, and would like a free estimate, contact us at (814) 505-8938 or email aaron@lockerenterprises.com

Why don’t you have exact prices on your website?

Every single one of our clients has a different list of needs and we like to cater to each of these individual needs. For example, one of our clients might want a simple website with their information and that’s it. Another one of our clients might want a large website with dozens of pages, Facebook integration, video testimonials, an online store, a daily updated blog, etc. We certainly wouldn’t charge the same for both of these clients.

Another example, two separate clients want free guest WiFi setup. One of them owns a small restaurant and the other owns a hospital. Obviously, the cost of the set up would not be the same.

This is why we offer FREE estimates. You want something done? You call or email us and explain exactly what you want. If possible, we will draw up a personalized quote for you based on your individual needs and if we need to come to your business to evaluate the time, effort and amount of equipment needed, we do that. For free. This process guarantees you get exactly what you want for the lowest price.

What do I do if I think I have a virus?

If you think you have a virus, immediately unplug the power to the computer, unplug the network connection, and if the computer is a laptop, remove the battery.

You want to make sure the computer is completely off and completely disconnected from the network. That way the virus will stay contained to that computer if it hasn’t already moved to a different computer.

Then call us at (814) 505-8938. If you believe you have a virus, we will do whatever we can to get someone to you immediately to diagnose the problem. We understand this can be a scary thing for you and your business and we will treat it as if it was happening to our own business.

What do I do if my computer/network/internet is running slowly?

There are a variety of different factors that can cause computers, networks and internet to slow down. Old hard drives, low memory, nearly full hard drives, networks with more activity than your network hardware can handle, a specific user utilizing significantly more bandwidth than the rest, viruses and  automated or background processes and services that take up a lot of resources are the most common causes, but it could be a number of other things as well.

The best thing to do if you notice slowness in a computer, network or internet service is to check if there is a specific computer or group of computers that are going slow or if it is the whole network, if it is just one program or all programs and if there is a certain time when things slow down each day or on a specific day of the week and then give us a call at (814) 505-8938 for a free estimate. We will come in and diagnose the problem or problems and either schedule a time to fix the problems or, if time permits, fix it that very day.

I have a Facebook page for my business. Do I really need a website too?

I already have WiFi for my staff to use. Can I just use the same WiFi for my customers?

Why don’t you have exact prices on your website?

What do I do if I think I have a virus?

What do I do if my computer/network/internet is running slowly?

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